Screen recording

In this guide, we'll show you how to create a screencast in Descript.

Making a screen recording in Descript

Set up your screen recording

  1. At the top of the editor, click and open the Record_icon.png Record panel.
  2. Select Screen.
  3. Click Settings icon Settings and make adjustments to your recording settings as needed. Learn more about recording settings.
  4. Choose the audio and video inputs you want to record. You can record Speaker icon. computer audio, your Microphone icon microphone, and your Camera input icon Camera. If you're using macOS version 12.3 or earlier, camera preview will not show up while you're recording both your screen and camera at the same time. Don't worry—once you finish recording, you'll see the camera recording in the editor.
  5. Click Additional settings icon  Settings and decide if you want to add Studio Sound, transcribe, or record separate audio tracks.
  6. If you'd like, add speaker labels by typing them in the text box next to your audio inputs. 

screenshot showing steps for setting up a screen recording in Descript

Capture your screen recording

  1. Choose one of the three recording options from the dropdown in the bottom right corner of the recording panel:
    • Record into script — this will add your recording to your script track
    • Replace selection — this option is available when you highlight a section of your script before opening the record panel and will replace the script selection. Learn more about Replace selection
    • Record new layer — add your recording as a video layer. If you haven't recorded anything yet, you'll want to record into script first.
  2. Click Record at the bottom of the Record panel.
  3. Click and drag over the part of the screen you want to record, then click Start screen recording button.png. Or, press Space to start recording your full screen.
  4. Press the Stop recording icon Stop to end the recording.
Multitrack screen recordings

If you recorded your camera input, computer audio, or enabled record separate audio tracks, each input will be recorded on separate tracks and put into a multitrack sequence. You can edit the individual tracks from the Sequence editor. Learn more about sequences or using the Sequence editor.

Tips and best practices

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