Using Overdub to edit recorded audio

How to overdub your recording

After you import and transcribe a recording or record directly in the app, AI speakers makes correcting your recordings as easy as typing.


  1. If you haven’t already, add a speaker by typing @ in your script, or let Speaker Detective add them across the entire file.
  2. Make sure to select an AI speaker from the list. If you’re creating a new one, make sure to enable speech generation before proceeding.
  3. Highlight the section of script you want to overdub.
  4. Select Replace > Overdub in the selection bar (Or just press D).
  5. Type the audio you want to generate, and press Overdub.  

Give Descript a moment to generate your audio. Once your overdubbed text stops flashing, you can listen and playback the section.

Current limitations
  • Stock voices are not available for use with overdub.
  • Overdub audio in only available in English.
  • You can replace up to 250 characters at once.
  • Overdubbing sections containing a video sequence will remove any video content in the selected range.
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