Looping and clip speed adjustment

You can loop and change the clip speed of your audio and video clips right in the Properties Panel. For audio-only compositions, looped layers will extend to the end of the composition. If you are working with video and scenes, most looped layers will extend to the end of a scene. Click here to learn more about scenes.

Keep in mind that any adjustments to clip speed will be reflected in your exported content.

Looping clips

Screenshot highlighting a loop clip in Descript

Looping allows you to replay a video or audio layer over and over again. Please note that you cannot loop audio or video in your script.

Loop video or audio in your composition

  1. Select a video or audio layer that is not in your script.
  2. Under the Clips section of the sidebar, switch from Play_once_icon.png Once to Loop_icon.png Loop.

Screenshot highlighting how to loop clip in Descript

How scenes affect loop duration 

  • Most looped layers will only extend to the end of a scene. Some media, like music from our stock libraries, can be looped across an entire composition.
  • If you are working in an audio-only composition, you won't have scenes, and looped layers will extend to the end of your composition.

Clip playback

You can speed up or slow down clips from the sidebar. Changing clip speed is different than adjusting your composition's playback speed:

  • Clip speed changes will be included when you publish or export your composition.
  • Playback speed does not affect your published or exported content. 

Adjusting clip playback

  1. Select the clip you want to adjust.
  2. In the playback section of the Properties Panel, click and drag the speed value or typing in a value.

Screenshot of Descript Editor with red arrow pointing to clip speed

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