Clip duration, speed, and looping

You can adjust the duration of your audio and video clips right in the Properties Panel. This article goes over the duration, speed and looping properties that are available to you.

Clip speed

Clip speed allows you to adjust the playback speed of the clip itself, either faster or slower, in relation to other clips in the composition. Changing clip speed is different than adjusting your composition's playback speed:

  • Clip speed changes affect your published or exported content.
  • Playback speed does not affect your published or exported content, and is meant only to assist with auditioning your content while editing. 

Changing clip speed

  1. Select the clip you want to adjust.
  2. In the playback section of the Properties Panel, click and drag the speed value or typing in a value.

Screenshot of Descript Editor with red arrow pointing to clip speed

Adjusting the speed of the clip also updates the duration listed to the right. If the clip speed has been increased, the duration of that clip will be shorter. Likewise if the speed has been decreased the duration will be longer.

Clip duration

Clip duration represents the total length of your clip in seconds. You may notice that the duration of a clip will change when you:

Changing clip duration

You can also manually adjust the length of your clip in the properties panel which will effectively trim the right-hand side of the clip down according to the length you've specified.

Looping clips

Screenshot highlighting a loop clip in Descript

Looping allows you to extend the length of a video or audio layer by repeating it over and over again. Please note that you cannot loop audio or video contained within the script track.

  • For audio-only compositions, looped layers will extend to the end of the composition.
  • If you are working with video compositions and scenes, most looped layers will extend to the end of a scene. Click here to learn more about scenes.

Loop video or audio in your composition

  1. Select a video or audio layer that is not in your script.
  2. Under the Clips section of the sidebar, switch from Play_once_icon.png Once to Loop_icon.png Loop.

Screenshot highlighting how to loop clip in Descript

Constraining a looped clip to a scene

You can limit a looped clip's duration to the length of your scene by attaching the layer to the scene:

  1. Select the layer
  2. Drag the left edge of the layer toward the left edge of the scene until a red dotted line appears, then release to attach it

How scenes affect loop duration 

  • Most looped layers will only extend to the end of a scene if the layer has been attached to the scene. Some media, like music from our stock libraries, can be looped across an entire composition.
  • If you are working in an audio-only composition, you won't have scenes, and looped layers will extend to the end of your composition.
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