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My payment failed or isn't processing

We recommend trying these standard solutions if your payment fails and you cannot complete your purchase, or need to re-subscribe after a subscription has been canceled for non-payment.

Troubleshooting failed payments 

Check if you have sufficient funds

Please check your balance and make sure enough funds are available on the card to complete your purchase.

Make sure the information you entered is correct

One of the most common reasons for failed payments is typos. Make sure you've correctly entered the card number, expiration date, postal code, and security code.

Does your card need to be activated, or is it expired?

Make sure the card you are using hasn't expired. If you are using a new card, make sure it's been activated.

Contact your bank

Please reach out to your card provider for further help in determining the reason for the decline.

Try a different payment card

If you tried all the recommendations above and still cannot complete your payment, try a different card to make the purchase.

What happens if my subscription becomes past due?

  • There is a grace period for past due accounts. Stripe, our billing service, will periodically send you payment retry emails. You will need to update your billing information. Once this is done, we will automatically retry the payment, and you should be all set.
  • If you do not update your billing information and pay the past due balance, your subscription will be canceled and returned to a Free plan. If this happens, you can simply resubscribe to continue using paid features.
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