Monitor project syncing

You can check your project's upload and download activity in the top left corner of the app. Hover over the activity icon, or click on it to get more details about the cloud syncing activity; a panel will appear indicating the last time the project was successfully saved.

Screenshot of Descript editor with red arrow showing the project sync icon

Activity states

There are three activity states your saved work can be in.

4 screenshot of the various project sync states


State Description
2023-02-28_13-34-07.png Synced All the work you've done in Descript is synced to the cloud.
2023-02-28_13-33-10.png Pending activity Changes need to be or are currently being synced to the cloud.
2023-02-28_13-33-36.png Offline You're currently offline, and your projects will sync to cloud storage once you're back online.
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