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Optimize your editing workflow by customizing the layout of the editor interface. This article provides information on resizing and adjusting the layout of your editor window. Additionally, you'll learn how to make the most out of adjustable the composition panel, media library, recording panel, and templates gallery. From moving and pinning a window to docking and resetting your workspace, we cover all you need to make the interface work for you.

Note on layout preferences and adjustments

New compositions will maintain layout preferences of the Timeline and Scene rail size while the app is open. However, you cannot save custom layout preferences (yet). The layout changes will reset after closing the app.

Adjusting Editor panels

Resizing panels

You can adjust the size of the Script editor, Canvas, Scene rail, and Timeline by clicking and dragging the border of one of the panels.

Screenshot of Descript app showing how to resize panels

Showing and hiding the side panel

You can show comments or properties, or completely hide the side bar, by pressing the  Comment icon.png Comments or Sidebar icon.png Properties icons from the top app bar.

Screenshot of Descript app with red rectangle highlighting the comments and properties icons

Changing layout for video compositions

If you are working in a video composition, you can choose to have the script editor and canvas side by side each other, or you can have the canvas above the script editor: Select D icon > View > Move video to toggle between layouts.

Screenshot of Descript app with file menu highlighting the move video option

Adjustable panels

You can adjust four panels in the editor: the composition panel, Media library, Recorder panel, and Templates gallery.

Screenshot of Descript editor with compositions panel, recording panel, templates gallery, and media library open


Window Resizing Docking Pinning Movable
Template_gallery_icon.png Templates gallery No No Yes Yes
Compositions Yes Yes Yes Yes
2023-04-11_12-57-22.png Media library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Record_icon.png Recordings  No No Yes Yes

Moving and pinning a panel

Click on a blank portion of the panel's top bar and drag it to any location within the editor. This will "pin" the panel in place, allowing you to keep it open while you work on your project.

Screenshot of media library illustrating how to move panels

Resize the composition panel and Media library

Click and drag the edge or corner of either panel to resize it.

Screenshot of media library illustrating how to resize panels

Docking the composition panel and Media library

The composition panel and Media library can be docked to the left side of the editor window without covering any other part of the application. There are two ways to dock either panel:

  • Open the composition panel or Media library, and click Docking icon Dock to side in the top right corner of the panel.
  • Open the composition panel or Media library, then click and drag the panel to the left side of the editor

You can also toggle docked panels by clicking Command + Option + Shift + D (macOS), or Control + Alt + Shift + D (Windows). Note that closing the panel instead of toggling it off will prevent the panel from being toggled on again.

Unpinning and resetting panels

Click the X in the panel's top right corner. The next time you open the panel, it will be in its default position. Note that the composition panel and Media library will retain their dimensions.

Screenshot of media libray highlighting how to panels

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