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Troubleshooting publishing issues

Working with Classic Projects

If you're running into issues when publishing pages from Descript Classic projects, please first try to convert your project by clicking the Copy this project to the new Descript button located in the orange banner at the top of your Classic project, then retry the publish.

General troubleshooting

Re-publish the composition

Make sure your files have finished uploading then re-publish once ready.

Duplicate your content
  • If working in a regular project
    • Manually copy the contents of the composition to another composition and publish from there.
  • If you've made a Quick recording
    • click the Copy to new project button in the lower left corner of the Quick editor
    • Publish the composition in the newly opened project
Export then Publish

Try using the local export option rather than publishing to the web. Once complete, re-import the file into a new project / composition, then publish the newly imported file.

Other issues

Audio / video plays back correctly in Descript, but is not in sync after publish

Try exporting the file instead of publishing to see if the issue persists. If the issue is resolved you can then re-import the exported file and publish from there.

Emoji do not render correctly

Workaround would be to take a screenshot of the emoji and paste it in your composition as an image.

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