Watch Descript webinars and other live events

Descript regularly hosts live webinars and product announcements to help keep users up to date on the latest Descript products and features. Want to learn more?

Sign up for a Descript account

Signing up for a free Descript account will make sure you're added to our email marketing updates including live event announcements.

Are the live events recorded?

Yep - If you can't make it to an event, or if you prefer to watch on your own time, go ahead and register for the event as outlined in the email announcement. Registered participants can sign in via the event link to watch the video after the event has finished.

Is there a place I can go to see your upcoming and previous live events?

Definitely - Check our live events site to see the latest and sign up for any events you're interested in.

We also post some of them on our YouTube page - check out our other great video content while you're there!

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