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Solving Overdub training and submission issues

This article will help you solve common problems with creating your Overdub voice.

Common error messages

"At least 10 minutes of audio is required"

This error message occurs when the training composition contains less than 10 minutes of recorded audio in the timeline.

To resolve, please import or record additional speech audio into the composition.


"Insufficient authenticated audio"

This error message indicates that although sufficient recorded audio was submitted, the verification step determined that less than 10 minutes of training (voice) data was matched to the voice ID statement. This can occur when:

  • The training data has large gaps of silence between speech audio.
  • The training data contains multiple speakers and less than 10 minutes of the intended speakers voice was matched.
  • The voice ID statement is not closely matched to the training data (most often due to differences in recording quality, background noise, etc.)

To resolve, please import or record additional speech audio into the composition, or improve your recording conditions.



"Your Overdub voice was missing a voice ID"

This error message indicates that the voice ID was either missing or incomplete. To resolve:

  • Re-submit the training
  • Select the appropriate recording device
  • Make sure to record the complete voice ID statement



"Something went wrong"

If you've received a "something went wrong" error message, here are some things you can try.

  • Make sure there are no visual pins in your script - like text, captions, etc.
  • Try recreating your project from scratch in a new voice - you can re-import the media or copy/paste from the other project.

If none of that works, please contact support and we'll help.

Create from voice is currently broken

You can only create overdub voices from scratch for now.

Unable to Record in Training Project

This should be fixed in an upcoming update, but if you're blocked due to issues with the Recorder in your training project, here you can try this workaround (recording is frozen, not starting, blocked by an error:)

1. Open a new Storyboard project, and record your audio (including training data, and the consent statement).

2. Highlight the full transcript and right-click to Copy.

3. Paste your transcript into the training project and hit Submit Training Data.

4. You will be prompted to record a new consent statement. Click record, then immediately hit stop.

5. You can finally click submit to finalize your training data.

If you don't like the sound of your Overdub voice or are having trouble using it

Check out our troubleshooting guide for using your Overdub voice.

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