Trimming and Adjusting Spaces Between Words in Descript

This guide will show the different ways to adjust space between words using your script. Whether you're editing for clarity or pacing, these techniques will help you achieve the desired results.

Adjusting word spacing from the script

  1. Right click anywhere in your script where you want to adjust a word gap. If you are adjusting the timing for an AI Speaker voice, you'll need to first convert the AI voice clip to audio.
  2. Hover over Edit word gap and choose one of the options. If you choose to set the word gap manually, type in the word length in the typebox and press Return (Mac) or Enter (Windows). Descript will playback the section you just adjusted.
  3. A gap clip will be added to your script if you are extending the word gap. Depending on the length of the gap, you may see it represented as wordless media in the script.

Screenshot with numbered steps for adjusting a word gap from the script editor

Adjusting word spacing from the Timeline

There are a few different ways to adjust the timing and spacing between words for the Timeline. Before getting started, make sure to click Show timeline in the bottom left corner of the app.

Screenshot of Descript app with arrow poiting at Show timeline button

Adding space in a video will add a black frame

If you are increasing the space between two words in a video project, this will create a gap clip and which will insert a black frame in the video

Using the wordbar

  1. Click and hold a word in the wordbar.
  2. Move the word left to reduce the space between words or to the right to increase it. 


Using the Range tool

  1. To select the Range tool, Click Ron your keyboard. 
  2. Click and drag over a section of the script track you want to modify.
  3. Press the Delete to remove the selected timing or space. This is useful for removing unwanted breaths or spaces in audio or video content.


Using the Blade tool

  1. Select the Blade tool by clicking B on your keyboard. 
  2. Hover over the desired edit point and click to create an edit point.
  3. You can expand or collapse this edit point by clicking and dragging. These actions are non-destructive, allowing you to revert changes if needed.


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