Fixing "Could not start live transcription: Unsupported sample rate" error


If you see the above error, you're likely using a sample rate that's too high. Currently, live transcription supports recording up to 48000 Hz. Don't worry — you can still transcribe your recording. This article walks you through some options for transcribing your recording. 

Lower your mic's sample rate

If you want to use live transcription, you'll have to lower your recording sample rate.

macOS Windows
  1. Open the Audio MIDI Setup app.
  2. In the left sidebar, select your microphone.
  3. In the Format field, choose a sample rate of 48000 Hz or lower.


Disable live transcription

You'll have to disable live transcription if you need to record at 96000 Hz.  You can transcribe the recording once it's finished.

To disable live transcription:

  1. Select Recorder_icon.png in the middle of the top bar to open the Recording panel.
  2. Select Version_history_icon.png to the right of your microphone and uncheck Transcribe.



After you're done recording:

  1. Right-click your new recording in the Script Editor.
  2. Select Transcribe file.


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