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How-to Overview

The videos and articles in this section are meant to teach you how to use certain features and perform common tasks in Descript. Each page contains both a video and an article — but they contain the same content, so just pick whichever you prefer.

Please note that these videos are created with the assumption that you've already watched the relevant podcast editing or video editing tutorial, or have otherwise familiarized yourself with basic workflows and learned the key concepts for working in Descript. If you haven't, we'd strongly recommend watching one of those videos before you get started.


Working with scenes

Learn Descript’s transformative video-editing feature — how to add scenes to a video, add visuals to scenes, and manipulate the media within and across scenes.


Arranging and editing multicam footage

Learn to edit multicam using sequences — which Descript uses to group multiple video files so you can edit them by editing text.


Creating and using Overdub

Learn to set up your Overdub voice — an AI-generated voice clone that will sound just like you, so you can fix audio mistakes and create new audio of yourself just by typing.


Creating and using templates

Learn to use speed up your workflow using the backgrounds, title cards, lower thirds, and other assets in Descript’s template library, and to create your own.


Flexible workflows using Replace script track

Learn to write your scratch tracks in Descript using Overdub, add b-roll and others visuals as you write — and then record your final voiceover track and replace the scratch version; Descript will keep all the visuals and other elements aligned with your script.


Repurposing content for social media

Learn to quickly repurpose your content into scroll-stopping social media clips with animated captions, waveforms, progress bars, and other effects — in vertical or horizontal formats.

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