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Add new file from URL link

Descript's allows you to easily import media directly into your composition using a web link. This is great if you often record Zoom meetings or use other tools like GIPHY to import images.


Copying the correct URL

Here are a few tips that should help make sure your copy and paste works as expected (click to expand):

Enabling Public Sharing of videos in your Zoom Settings

In order to download files directly from Zoom, Descript requires that the video is shared publicly and that viewers can download files. To set this up: 

Login to your Zoom Account. Click on Recordings.



Locate the file in question and select the Share button to configure sharing settings.



In the Sharing settings page, make sure that the toggle for Share this recording is enabled, and that the Publicly button is selected. Also, make sure Viewers can download is enabled, then click Done when complete.



Click the name of the recording to open it's details page, and select Copy shareable link to copy the link URL to your clipboard.


Copying GIPHY Links

For GIPHY links, make sure that you copy the link directly from the browser, rather than the Share > Copy Giphy Link button, as the latter will not work with the Link importer.



Adding the Link

To add a link to your composition, there are a couple different options:

From the Media Library


  1. Click on the + Add New button at the top right of the Media Libary and select File from Link.
  2. Paste the link into the text box
  3. Press Add file and the file will be automatically downloaded and added to the Project Sidebar.

This will add the link as a project file to your project.

Pasting into a Composition

You can also paste the link directly into your in the Script Editor.

Can I import links from YouTube or other third-party websites?

Not at this time, though we do hope to support other sites in the future. Let us know what you would like to see added!




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