The Descript Affiliate Program

Do you enjoy Descript's powerful editing tools, and want to let your audience know? With Descript's Affiliate Program, content creators around the globe can earn cash just by spreading the word.

How the Affiliate program works

The process is simple - fill out the application form, then once you're approved, you'll receive a unique affiliate link that you can share on your favorite platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or your podcast.

Each time somebody uses that affiliate link to sign up for a Creator or Pro subscription, you'll receive a 15% recurring commission, paid directly to your PayPal each month through the first year of that subscription!

To learn more about the Affiliate program and to fill out an application to become an Affiliate Partner, check out

A global program for Descript creators

The affiliate program is open to Descript users and content creators across the world, so whether you live in California, the Caribbean, or Copenhagen, you can apply to become an affiliate partner!

Member Resources

Once you've been approved to join the Descript Affiliate program, you will be sent an email confirmation with details for how to set up a LinkMink account. You can then always access your program dashboard by logging in to LinkMink.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if my application was approved?
You can expect to see an approval email within 14 days of submitting an application. Applicants who are approved to join the affiliate program will receive an email through the LinkMink platform with further details.
Why was my affiliate application denied?
Descript reserves the right to approve or deny any application at its sole discretion and does not provide specific details regarding decisions for specific applications. More details can be found at our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions page.
Can I re-apply if my application was denied?
Yes, if your application was denied,  you may re-apply at a later time.
How do I track my referred sign ups?
Once you’ve created your account, you can log in here to track your referrals. In your dashboard, you’ll be able to see exactly the amount of times your link was clicked and where it took place. As long as you’ve used your unique referral URL correctly, the data you see in your dashboard will be accurate.
Where can I see how many free users I've referred as an affiliate?
LinkMink does not disclose this information to affiliate partners. Affiliate partners are only able to see the number of leads (site traffic) and paid users they’ve referred (Creator or Pro plans).
What if my tracking looks off?
The first thing to do is make sure that your referral URL is copied and pasted exactly as it appears on your account. If this is correct and you still think there are issues, you should make sure to let your audience know that they should use your specific link when signing up. If someone sees your link but searches for/finds Descript on their own instead, or browses to the website from another place, the conversion won’t be tracked against your link and it won’t count as your referral.
Can you give me a discount code that I can share with my clients/followers?
No, discount codes are not available to affiliates at this time.
Can I run Google ads as an affiliate?
No, you can not run Google ads as an affiliate. Please refer to section 4: “Promoting Descript Products” in our terms & conditions for details.
What if I decide to stop participating in the Descript Affiliate program?

No problem –  you can submit a request with our Support team who can assist with closing your affiliate account.

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