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App settings

You can access your app settings from the top left corner of the Drive View or the main editor.

Screenshot of the Drive view with numbered steps showing how to access the app settings


Setting Description
Default project type Set your projects' default to video or audio-only compositions
Default transcription language Choose between 23 different languages for automatic transcription
Always ask before transcribing  Always confirm the language when transcribing a file; we recommend keeping this enabled if you transcribe files in various languages.
Automatic volume levels Automatically apply -16dB loudness normalization to all audio in your projects; you can override this setting in each project.
Room tone on gap clips Apply room tone to gap clips; you can override this in each project's settings.
Optimize video files for playback Descript automatically optimes video assets for smooth playback while editing; if disabled, you can still manually trigger optimization per file.
Optimize computer storage Only download original files when needed for export or other operations; you can override this in each project's settings. You can find more details on how Descript manages files here.
Offline storage location... Set the storage location of projects files on your computer
Theme Set the app's color theme
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