Updating Descript to the latest version

Updates exclusive to desktop app

Please note that Descript is available in your web browser as well as a desktop app. The update process described in this article applies exclusively to the desktop version of Descript. Click here to learn more about Descript for web.

Descript makes sure you're always using the latest version by automatically checking for updates while it's running. Once a new version becomes available, a prompt will appear in the bottom right corner of the app, prompting you to click Restart for an immediate update.

Screenshot of the new version prompt in Descript

Automatic updates

If a new version of the app is available, Descript will automatically update to the latest version when you close and reopen the app. This cannot be disabled.

Manually check for updates

Select the Help menu, then click Check for Updates...


Or, if you are in a project, you can also select the Descript menu from the top left screen, then click Help & Feedback > Check for updates...


If you're up to date, you'll see a message saying saying "You're using the latest version of Descript" with the specific version you're running. 

Screenshot of the prompt in Descript when you are on the latest version of the desktop app


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