How effects are applied in Descript

Understanding how effects are applied in Descript will help you control them and ensure that you apply them effectively and only when needed.

Audio effects

  • Audio effects are applied to the entire audio layer or script track and persist across all scenes.
  • You can apply audio effects to individual tracks within a sequence from the sequence editor.
  • You cannot apply audio effects to scenes.
  • Studio Sound is applied differently than the other audio effects in Descript.

Visual effects

  • You can apply a video effect to an entire scene; the effect will impact all visuals within that scene.
  • Or you can apply a video effect only to an individual visual layer.
  • All video effects' properties of a media layer are controlled at the scene level and set independently from scene to scene. If a visual extends across multiple scenes, you can apply effects or change a layer's properties in one scene and select Apply to all scenes in the Layer panel.

Applying effects in order — why it matters

Effects are applied sequentially in Descript. For example, if you add two effects to a media layer, the first effect will be processed by the second effect.

You can adjust the order of your audio effects from the Layer panel. Click and drag an effect to move it.


Please remember that this order only applies to effects on the script track or the same layer, sequence, or scene.

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