Troubleshooting quick recorder issues

Problem-specific issues

Quick recorder applet icon missing

You can run the Quick Recorder without opening the main Descript app. If you have the main app closed and are not seeing the Descript icon, either:

  • The run-in-background setting is disabled
    • Open up the main Descript app to access the Quick Recorder. Then enable run in background from the Quick Recorder settings
  • There are too many other apps in the menu bar.
    • Quit out of other apps until the Descript icon appears.

Windows error: "Missing system files"

Although it's very uncommon, some Windows users may encounter an error when attempting to run the Screen Recorder application for the first time:

Missing required system files necessary to run the application. Please refer to the following link on how to download the necessary dlls and libraries:

In order for Screen Recorder to run, please visit the link to download and install the Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10.

Once complete, please restart your computer and re-attempt the setup.

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