Scene Panel


The Scene panel allows you to adjust properties and add templates to a Scene within your project. From this panel, you can:

  • Choose a template for your scene.
  • Adjust scene duration.
  • Add backgrounds, effects, and transitions to a scene.
  • View all layers contained within a scene.

Choosing a template

You can choose from a variety of templates to quickly set up the visual style and layout of your scene. Templates can include predefined backgrounds, text styles, and media placeholders that help you maintain consistency across your project.

Adjusting scene duration

Adjusting the duration of a scene allows you to control how long a particular scene appears in your project. You can extend or shorten the scene's length by entering a specific time or using the drag handles in the timeline.

Editing a scene

Editing a scene involves making adjustments to various elements within the scene. You can add or remove backgrounds, apply effects, and set transitions between scenes. This helps to enhance the visual appeal and smoothness of your project.

Viewing scene layers

The Scene Panel allows you to view all layers contained within a scene. This includes text, images, videos, and other media elements. By selecting a layer, you can see its properties and make necessary adjustments.



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