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Properties Panel


The Properties Panel is one of five editor panels in Descript. It allows you to view and adjust the properties of almost everything you select in your project, including the script, scenes, and media layers.

Viewing properties

The Properties Panel displays information based on what you selected from the Script Editor, Canvas, and Timeline. You can see what you currently have selected at the top of the Properties Panel.


View script properties

  • Place your cursor anywhere in your script in the Script Editor.
  • Make a selection in your script.
  • Click on the script track in your Timeline.


View media layer properties

  • Select the visual layer in your Canvas by clicking on it.


  • Select the audio layer icon in your Script Editor.


  • Select the media layer in your Timeline while Show track stack is enabled.


  • When you’re viewing a scene’s properties, you can select its media layers from the Properties panel.


View scene properties (4 options)

  • Select a scene thumbnail from the Script Editor.
  • Select a scene boundary in the Script Editor.


  • Click anywhere outside the active scene in the Canvas.


  • Place your playhead in the scene lane of your Timeline with nothing selected.
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