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Clip properties

You can view the properties of individual clips within your media layers or script. To do this, you may want to consider expanding the Timeline (click and drag the top edge of the Timeline).

Viewing clip properties

Clips in the script track

  • Select a clip in the script track at the bottom of the Timeline (the clip's content will also be highlighted in the script).

Clips in non-script layers

Before selecting a clip, make sure you've selected the layer your clips in, or enable Show all layers icon Show all layers in the top right corner of the Timeline.

  • Double-click the non-script layer clip in the Timeline. You'll then be able to select individual clips in the layer, If you need to select the full layer the clips in, press Esc.

Text and shape layers

Text and shape layers do not have clip-level properties to adjust.

Clip speed

You can adjust a clip's speed in the script or a layer from the Playback section the Properties Panel.

Playback section of the Properties panel

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