Applying and adjusting effects

You can apply one or more effects to the script, scenes, sequences, and media layers in your composition.

Add an effect

  1. Select the element to view its properties in the Properties Panel.
  2. Add an effect by selecting the plus + button to the right of the Effects or Audio Effects section headers.

Screenshot: Descript editor with red rectangles surrounding Audio Effects and Effects section of the properties panel.

Studio Sound, Green Screen, and Ducking

These three are default effects in your script and are immediately visible in the Properties panel for quicker access. You still need to enable them if you want to use them.

Adjusting an effect

Once you apply an effect, click on Effect settings Additional Settings icon.png to view and adjust settings.


Some effects come with a list of preset configurations that you can use to achieve certain effects. Click on the Effect Settings menu, then select the dropdown below the title to see the list of available options.

Manual Adjustment

If you're looking to get just the right effect, you can also make manual changes by clicking the values on the right-hand side of each parameter and either dragging your cursor to the right or left, or by clicking into the value and adjusting the number manually then pressing Enter when finished.

GIF animation: Properties panel demonstrating how to adjust effect settings manually.

Removing an effect

You can temporarily toggle on or off effects if you'd like to preserve the effect settings, or click the Effect settings Additional Settings icon.png and select Remove effect to remove it completely.

Screenshot: Properties panel with enable/disable slider and remove effect icon surronded by red rectangle

Disabling or removing Green Screen and Studio Sound

Both Green Screen and Studio Sound effects require internet access and time to process the first time they are applied to an element in your composition. After that, you can easily switch these effects on or off without reprocessing the project files.

Applying and adjusting audio effects to individual sequence tracks

If you’re working with a multitrack sequence, you may want to apply and adjust audio effects to an individual track instead of the entire sequence. Adding and adjust effects in the Sequence Editor is done in the Properties Panel, just like you would in the main editor.

  1. Open your sequence in the sequence editor.
  2. Select the Audio Effects section header in the sidebar.
  3. Apply and adjust settings from the sidebar.

Screenshot: Sequence editor with numbered steps for applying an audio effect to an individual track.


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