The limiter is a type of compressor and typically has one use case: catching the peaks or louder moments of your source audio file and bringing them down to prevent overdrive or distortion of the sound. The effect comes with several presets to choose from, so you can try out different settings to get the desired result. You can apply the effect from the Audio Effects section of the Layer panel.


Parameter Description
Reduction This shows how much the limiter is reducing your audio’s volume.
The max peak of the audio signal that is allowed to pass through. For example, if set to -1.0dB, nothing louder than that will pass through the limiter.
Volume level when the limiting begins. Additionally, the limiter will boost the overall output of your signal to compensate for the reduction in overall signal volume. This results in the signal sounding louder as you lower the dB's on the threshold.
This shows how long the gain reduction continues after your audio signal falls below the set threshold.
This shows the input level of your audio before passing through the limiter.
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