Descript's EQ is a parametric equalizer. It allows you to visualize and adjust the frequency ranges of your audio. It gives you precision EQ capabilities that can help your audio tracks fit better together sonically, change their tonal quality, or remove any problematic frequencies from a recording. The effect comes with several presets to choose from, so you can try out different settings to get the desired result you're looking for. You can apply the effect from the Audio Effects section of the Layer panel.

Using the effect

Our EQ offers flexibility and customization for adjusting your audio's frequency balance. The effect is a 5-band parametric EQ. A band is the range of frequency you can adjust in the EQ.

EQ Detail.png

You do not need to use all five bands every time. You can enable/disable the bands required for your specific track.

  1. Click and drag active bands anywhere to adjust the frequency range and gain.
  2. You can adjust your band parameters from the bottom of the EQ’s panel
  3. You can raise or lower the overall output gain in the bottom right corner
Parameter Description
Width Adjusts the overall frequency range size of a band
Set the center frequency of a band
Increases/decreases the decibel (dB) level of the band's frequency range
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