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Quick Recorder settings

You can adjust the Quick Recorder’s settings by selecting Recording_settings_icon.png in the top right corner of the Quick Recorder window.


Setting Description
Start/Stop recording Set the keyboard shortcut for starting/stopping your recording.
Maximum recording resolution Set the video recording resolution up to 4K.
Drive Set the Drive where you want the recording to be stored.
Countdown Turn on a timer to give yourself a 3-second delay before the recording starts.
Enable transcription Transcribe the recording; you can always transcribe a file from the main editor after you finish.
Enable Studio Sound Apply Studio Sound to the recording’s audio; this will not be printed to the recording and can be removed.
Show region recording confirmation For screen recordings, this will allow you to adjust a record region before you start recording.
Highlight mouse clicks while recording (Mac only) For screen recordings, a circle graphic will appear around your cursor each time you click if this feature is enabled.
Minimize recording dock Minimize the recording dock during screen recordings; if this is enabled, click on the quick recorder icon to stop your screen recording.
Open webpage after publish Open the standalone web page for your published recording.
Run in background Run Quick Recorder when the main app is closed.
Launch at login Launch the Quick Recorder each time you start your computer

Video resolution and camera restrictions

Video recording resolution is ultimately determined by the camera you use to record. For example, if you set your maximum recording resolution to 4K but use a camera that can only record up to 1080p, your video resolution will be 1080p.

Recording Dock


Once the recording begins, you will notice a small recording timer on the side of the recording area. If you are recording in fullscreen mode, or with a near-fullscreen manual recording area this timer will be located within the viewable recording space.

Here you have the option to stop the recording. macOS users may also pause a screen recording.

Pausing recordings for Windows will become available in a future update.


Hiding the Dock (macOS)

Users on macOS 12.3 and later will not see the recording dock in the completed recording.

MacOS users on earlier versions may disable the recording dock by toggling Minimize recording dock in the Screen Recorder preferences. You can hover over the right edge of your screen to pull the hidden recording dock back up.

Resizing and moving your webcam preview window

You can resize or move your webcam preview window before or during a recording:

  • To resize the window, click and drag the edge of the preview window
  • To move the window, click and hold anywhere inside the preview window, and move it anywhere on your screen.


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