Quick Editor

After you finish recording with the Quick recorder, the Quick editor will open. You can edit your recording by correcting text or performing basic media edits before publishing the video.

Project Title

GIF of Quick Editor showing how to change the recording's name

You can simultaneously set the title of the recording and published page title at the top of the Quick Editor. Click on the name and type the new title of the recording. When changing or editing the project title, the published page will also update to reflect your changes. Remember that you must publish the recording before the page can be accessed from the web.

If you publish your recording from the Quick Editor and then copy a new project into the main app, changes made to the new project's name will not update the published page.

Editing features available in the Quick editor

The following editing tools are available for use in the Quick editor:

  • Text-based editing
  • Adding speaker labels and markers
  • Filler word detection
  • Adjusting word gaps
  • Publishing a standalone web page
  • Adding Overdub audio or placeholder text
  • Correcting your transcript

Copy to new project

The Quick Editor has our most common text editing features but does not have all the features found in the main editor. If you want to edit the recording further, click Copy to new project. This will create a new project and add your recording to the project.

Screenshot of Quick Editor with blue circle around share and copy to new project button

Copy to Clipboard

To add the screen recording to an existing project, use the Copy to Clipboard Copy_to_clipboard_icon.avif to copy the entire screen recording and transcript to your clipboard, allowing you to paste the media into an existing project for further editing.

Screenshot of Quick Editor with blue circle around share and copy to clipboard button

Share and copy link

You can share the published page link of your recording and customize the page’s settings from the bottom of your Quick Editor. When you publish the quick recording, Descript will copy the page’s URL, which you can paste into your web browser.

Screenshot of Quick Editor with blue circle around share and copy link button

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