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Waveforms are visuals that respond to the audio in your composition. With a waveform, you can add the visualizer in-app over your videos as a line, circle, ring, or wave and edit the, color, fidelity, and magnitude. This feature can be helpful when repurposing your creations for social media or for short previews of your content.

Waveform properties

You can adjust the visual aspects of your waveform by selecting it and making changes from the properties panel.



Choose between Lines, Circles, Ring, or Wav

Fill (circle and ring only)

Add a color inside the waveform


Adjusts the thickness and color of your waveform


Impacts the sparseness of your waveform


Affects the height of your waveform when it responds to audio

Mirror (line and wave only)

Add a mirrored waveform to the visual
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