Troubleshooting audio and video sync issues

This article offers troubleshooting steps to resolve sync issues in Descript. Whether you're dealing with playback sync issues or problems with exported files, we've got you covered. Follow these steps to ensure your multimedia projects stay perfectly aligned.

If recorded outside of Descript, check the original file
Did you record your files outside of Descript? If so, that can sometimes lead to a/v sync issues in the source file. It may have been encoded with an unsupported encoding, or have issues with corrupted underlying file metadata.

It may be helpful to load the source file in a video player on your computer and see if it's also out of sync. If it is:

    • Try re-exporting the original file with the same settings.
    • Try re-exporting the file with a different file extension or encoding.
    • Reach out to the third-party hardware or software provider for assistance in troubleshooting.
Playback sounds out of sync when using Bluetooth headphones
Users who edit using Bluetooth headphones may notice that audio and video appear out of sync when playing back in Descript, but the same file is not out of sync after exporting. To resolve this, try disconnecting your Bluetooth headphones and playing back the project through your computer speakers (or another pair of wired headphones).
Use the built-in Repair file option
Descript has a feature that can resolve many issues when a file's audio is out of sync with the video. Check out our article Repair file (beta) for more details.
Manually sync the video and audio using sequences
Separate audio and video

The first step in resolving audio or video sync problems is to separate the audio and video layers of the file.

  1. Find the clip on your timeline.
  2. Right-click the clip.
  3. Select Detach Audio.


Access the sequence

Once you've detached the audio, your clip on the timeline will be converted to a Sequence clip which contains both the separated audio and video layers:

  1. Right-click the clip again.
  2. Choose Edit Sequence, or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + O (MacOS) or Control + Shift + O (Windows).


Adjust the track sync

Inside the sequence, make precise adjustments to align your audio and video:

  1. Click the "Select Tool" from the toolbar.
  2. Click and drag the audio track until matches up perfectly.
  3. You can also use the Zoom tool

A note on hardware latency

If you're experiencing audio/video synchronization problems while using external audio or video equipment, it may be due to hardware latency.

To troubleshoot, try recording with only your computer's built-in camera and microphone and check for sync issues. Then, systematically add external cameras or microphones one at a time, recording after each change to pinpoint when and where the latency occurs.

While some devices come with advanced latency configuration options, many consumer-grade devices do not. Make note of problem combinations, and contact your device's manufacturer for assistance with possible remediation options.


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