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How can I nudge my sequence audio to assure my tracks are aligned?

Descript allows you to nudge your audio in a sequence to get the timing right between your tracks.

To adjust the alignment of your tracks:
  1. Load your tracks into a new sequence.
  2. Zoom in on a section of a track and then click one of your clips.
  3. Use the grabbing cursor to move your selection to the desired location and adjust the track alignment if need-be.



Special tip for Zoom recordings

It's not uncommon for Zoom meetings with multiple guests to have wildly different file sizes. This can be caused by certain collaborators joining the meeting after other speakers, often shaving minutes off their files.
In these cases where aligning the left-side of the files isn't a good reference, you can usually scroll to the very end of the files and align all of the tracks on the right side. This is where the meeting often ends for all collaborators simultaneously, so it should line up.
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