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Fixing audio and video sync issues

A/V alignment, and audio drift

Using bluetooth headphones

Users who edit using bluetooth headphones may notice that audio and video appear out of sync when playing back in Descript, but the same file is not out of sync after exporting. To resolve, try disconnecting your bluetooth headphones and playing back through your computer speakers (or another pair of wired headphones).

Audio / Video is out of sync upon export

Did you record your files outside of Descript? If so, that can sometimes lead to a/v sync issues in the source file. It may have been encoded with an unsupported encoding, or have issues with corrupted underlying file metadata.

It may be helpful to load the source file in a video player on your computer and see if it's also out of sync. If it is:

    • Try re-exporting the original file with the same settings
    • Try re-exporting the file with a different file extension or encoding
    • Reach out to the third-party hardware or software provider for assistance in troubleshooting


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