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Applying and adjusting animations

You can apply animations to any visual layer in a scene :
  1. Select the visual layer in your Canvas.
  2. Select the + icon in the Animation section to add your animation.


Adjusting an animation

Once you've added an animation to a visual layer, you’ll control the animation using keyframes. Each animation has two keyframes that set your visual layer's start and end property values.


Animation mode

When you add an animation, animation mode will automatically be enabled. This mode allows you to adjust the timing of your animation and adjust the property values of each keyframe. To exit animation mode, press Esc or re-click Animation_mode_icon.png in the properties panel.


If you need to re-enable animation mode and make further adjustments:
  1. Select a visual from the Canvas.
  2. Select Animation_mode_icon.png in the properties panel to enable animation mode.
Now you can adjust the keyframe’s positions in the timeline and the properties from the Properties Panel.
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