Templates, scenes, and the script

To get the most out of templates in your workflow, it’s helpful to understand how templates relate to scenes and the script in your compositions:
  • The script is the media represented as text in your Script Editor and in the wordbar below. It is the underlying element that keeps all your visuals, audio, and scenes aligned in your composition while you edit.
  • Scenes contain all of your visual content. Scenes allow you to break up your visual and apply properties and layouts per scene.
Templates can contain script track media and scene visuals. When you add a template to your composition:
  • If you are adding the template to an empty scene or one with no script media, the template’s script content will populate the script track
  • If the scene contains script media, the template's script will not be added.
Here is a video demonstrating the relationship between templates, scenes, and the script.

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