How billing works in Descript

A few key points to help you understand how subscription billing works in Descript.

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Drives are billed separately

Your account can have multiple drives, but each drive will have its own subscription. The subscriptions are billed separately on their individual start date, so it's possible to have multiple subscription charges under a single Descript account.

You are billed at the start of the billing cycle

Subscription payments are processed upfront. This date is determined when the drive subscription was created, not when the payment is collected.

Upgrades occur immediately, and downgrades occur at the end of the billing cycle

If you add editor members or upgrade to a Pro subscription, you will receive a credit for any unused transcription time on your earlier subscription.

If you remove editor members or downgrade your subscription, the new change will go into effect at the start of the next monthly or annual billing cycle.

Changing your billing cycle occurs at the end of the billing cycle

Descript allows you to set a monthly or annual billing cycle for your drive subscriptions. If you update your billing cycle and remain on the same subscription level, this change will occur at the start of the next billing cycle.

If you change your billing cycle and upgrade to a Pro plan from a Creator plan, the change will take place immediately so you can take full advantage of all the newly available features.

Any remaining time left on your current subscription will be applied as a credit to your account. Users changing from annual to monthly cycles will have that credit applied over the following monthly cycles until the credit has been exhausted.

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