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Non-profits and education pricing

Descript offers Education / Non-profit Organization plan for $5 per user per month ($60 annually). This plan includes the same plan-level features as our Creator plan with a 4-hour monthly transcription rate limit.

There are no discounted subscriptions for Pro-level features at this time.

While this plan offers our lowest monthly subscription price, one of our standard plans may be a better fit depending on how much transcription you're doing. See our pricing page for details.

Who qualifies for discounted pricing

  • Non profit organizations that hold a valid charitable status
  • Any members of accredited educational institutions are welcome to apply:
    • Students
    • Educators
    • Administrators

How to apply for the NP/EDU subscription

  1. Create a free Descript account using the email address associated with your non-profit organization / educational institution.
  2. Add a credit card to your Billing Details by visiting https://web.descript.com/view/settings/account (you won't be charged yet).
  3. Fill out this application. Once it has been reviewed, one of our team members will reach out with further details.
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