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Purchasing additional monthly transcription hours

Each Descript plan comes with a base amount of monthly transcription hours:


Free* Creator Pro
1 hour 10 hours 30 hours


*If you have a Free plan, are not able to purchase additional transcription hours for the plan; you will need to upgrade to a Creator or Pro plan.


You can increase your monthly transcription limit for $2.00 per additional hour. If you'd like to permanently increase your transcription rate limit:

  1. Visit https://web.descript.com/subscription or open the app and view the Subscription tab under your Account setting.

    If you have multiple drives, make sure to choose the correct drive from the dropdown menu.

  2. Select Edit on the Subscription line.
  3. Adjust your transcription limit

Please note that this will affect your subscription cost and will be recurring unless you remove the additional hours. If you need a one-time boost to your account at a rate of $2.50 per hour, please contact support.

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