Authorization verification for payment cards

Any time a new card is added to your Descript account, our merchant processor, Stripe, performs an authorization check on the card to verify its authenticity. This temporary charge may appear as a $0 or $1 authorization charge on the card. More details on Stripe's authorization process can be found here: Unexpected $1 charge on customer's bank statement.

What do I do if my card fails an authorization check?

Rarely, your card issuing bank may flag a temporary authorization hold as too low to be considered valid and will decline the authorization. A declined authorization will be returned to Stripe, and the card will not be added to your Descript account.

If your card fails the authorization check:

  1. Please contact the card issuer and request that they allow card verification.
  2. Once it's finished, you can re-attempt adding your card and proceed with your order.
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