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Authorization verification for payment cards

Any time a new card is added to your Descript account, our merchant processor, Stripe, performs an authorization check on the card to verify the its authenticity. This temporary charge may appear as a $0 or $1 authorization on the card.

What do I do if my card fails an authorization check?

Very rarely a card's issuing bank may flag these temporary authorization holds as too low to be considered valid and will decline the authorization. This will be returned to Stripe with a decline code and the card will not be associated with your Descript account.


If you receive this message, you may contact the banking institution for your card and request that they allow the card verification. Once complete you may re-attempt and, pending a successful authorization, your card will be added and you may proceed with your order.


More details on Stripe's authorization process can be found here: Unexpected $1 charge on customer's bank statement

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