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Descript Enterprise is designed from the ground up to provide the flexibility that high-performing teams and organizations require. Editors have nearly limitless use of Descript for creating, editing, collaborating, and publishing. We include our most advanced security and administration features, custom-built to fit your business.

Descript Enterprise supports hundreds of content creation, podcast, and video editing teams, but also supports teams working in marketing, user research/UX, higher education, training and learning, sales, customer support, engineering, and more.

Transcription and team use

For most Enterprise accounts, transcription hours are practically unlimited. Additionally, Enterprise members pay only for editor seats added to their account. Enterprise members can extend Descript’s screen recording and collaboration tools to their entire organization, for free, by adding an unlimited number of basic seats.

  • Each editor member on an Enterprise plan gets 45 hours of transcription per month.
  • These transcription hours are pooled amongst all members on an Enterprise plan, similar to pooling of minutes on a shared cellphone plan.
  • For example, if an Enterprise account has 10 editor members, they will have access to 450 account-wide transcription hours per month.
  • Editor members are fully-fledged members with access to all Descript functionality, and Enterprise accounts pay only for the number of editor members added to their plan.
  • Basic members are free and unlimited, can create and edit screen recordings, and comment on Descript Projects.


Descript’s systems and security are trusted by companies such as the New York Times, NPR, HubSpot, and Al Jazeera. We know that the data our members share with us ranges from the personal to the proprietary. We take the responsibility to protect your data very seriously. We're SOC 2 Type II compliant.

  • The integrity of the systems Descript has in place to protect your data has been verified by independent auditors, and will continue to be verified regularly.
  • Your Project data — including the audio and video that you upload to Descript, the transcripts of those files, and other associated metadata — are confidential, even from Descript employees.
  • If you delete your data from Descript, we permanently delete it from our servers.
  • Our Privacy Policy explains in full how we collect information from our members, how we use that information, and how we disclose that information.
  • Our Terms of Service governs the use and access of Descript’s audio and video editing tools.
  • Our Security and Confidentiality page contains an overview of Descript’s security and confidentiality systems.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO allows Descript Enterprise members to log into Descript with a single ID and password. Descript Enterprise customers can request SSO to enable their employees to log in with a shared username and password, making administration, control, access, and workflows more convenient for IT and employees alike.

SSO is exclusively available to Descript Enterprise customers.

  • We currently support SSO with SAML 2.0.
  • We’re able to accommodate any of the following enterprise identity providers: Active Directory/LDAP, ADFS, Azure Active Directory Native, Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, OpenID Connect, PingFederate, and SAML.
  • These providers allow for company-wide administration and multi-factor authentication.
  • Descript only supports SP-initiated flows and uses email domain recognition to determine when to use SSO.
  • Typically, activating SSO authentication requires 3-6 weeks’ lead time.

Customer success and support

Every Descript Enterprise account is paired with a dedicated Product Specialist, who works directly with your team to provide custom-tailored onboarding, training, and support resources.

  • Enterprise members are provided with 1:1 onboarding and training sessions, customized to fit your specific workflow and Descript goals.
  • Enterprise members have a direct line of contact with the Product Specialist assigned to your Enterprise account, available to answer account and workflow questions.
  • Enterprise members have access to a customized Descript web portal featuring support documentation, tutorials, FAQs, specialized workflow documentation, and more.
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