Exporting GIFs

You can export your content as GIFs by clicking Publish, selecting the Export tab and then choosing Gif from the list of options.

Your composition needs visuals to export a GIF

The export GIF option will not be available if you are working in an audio-only composition, or you haven't added any visuals to your content.

Publishing panel with numbered steps for exporting GIFs

Export Settings

Setting Descrption
Current composition Default behavior and exports your currently selected composition
Current selection Select a range of text in your composition to export as a GIF
Current scene Export the current active scene
Markers Export individual GIFs for each of the markers in the active composition
Line breaks Export individual GIFs for each section of text separated by line breaks within your composition
All compositions Batch export a GIF for each composition in your project.
Set to your current composition, or to 25%, 50%, 75% of the composition’s dimensions
Quality Set file quality to low, medium, or high
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