Exporting your transcript as a text file

You can export your content as text files by clicking Publish, selecting the Export tab, and then choosing Transcript from the list of options. Remember that your script's wordless media and scene boundaries will not appear in an exported text file.

Export panel with numbered steps for exporting a transcript

Can I add timestamps to my transcript?

Yes, set your timecode settings before exporting your text file.

Export settings


Setting Description
Timecode offset Offset the start time of your timecode by hh:mm:ss (hours, minutes, and seconds) to adjust and align the transcript timing with your audio/video content.
Format Set the file format to html, md, docx, txt, or rtf.
Include... Choose to include your composition name, markers, ignored text, speaker labels, or speakers in every paragraph in the exported text file.
Settings icon Timecode settings
Intervals Set how often, in seconds, you want the timecode to appear in the transcript file.
Paragraph breaks Add/remove timecode at paragraph breaks.
Speaker labels Add/remove speaker labels in timecodes.
Markers Add/remove timecodes to markers.
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