Commenting in projects

Descript's commenting features make it easy to annotate your transcript within a project — and the audio beneath it.

Project vs. page comments

Comments created in a Descript project are not the same as comments made on a published web page – project comments are private to those with access to a project, and page comments appear on published web pages.

Leaving a Comment

  1. Select some words in your transcript or double-click on just one.
  2. Select Comment_icon_V50.png in the hover menu.
  3. A comment box will appear in the right margin. Type out your comment and click Post. All open comments will be visible along the right side of the script.


Once you have posted a comment, you or your collaborator can also reply to the comment from the side panel.

Comments cannot be copied

Please note that comments will not be transferred when copying and pasting sections of content containing comments, or when duplicating a project.


You can tag collaborators by typing the @ symbol in a comment box and a list of your collaborators - drive members or users you have given project access. Tagged users will receive a notification email with the contents of your comment.

Archiving a comment

You can archive comments by clicking the circle icon in the top right corner of the comment box.


Viewing comments

You can view or hide the comment sidebar by clicking Comment_icon_V50.png in the top right corner of the main editor.


Sorting comments

Click Version_history_icon.png at the top of the side panel when viewing comments and choose a sorting option from the list.

Viewing archived comments

Click Version_history_icon.png  at the top of the side panel when viewing comments to switch between viewing unarchived and archived comments. You can unarchive a comment to make it visible in the script again by clicking the circle icon in the top right corner of a comment box.


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