Publishing Captivate episodes

Captivate only accepts audio content. If you want to publish a video composition, switch it to an audio-only composition.

Publish to Captivate in Descript

  1. Click Publish at the top-right corner of your editor.
  2. Select Captivate from the list of options.
  3. Select Publish at the bottom of the publishing window. At this point, Descript will also publish an unlisted web page of your content. You can learn more about published pages.

2 screenshots of Descript with numbered steps for uploading a video to Captivate

Upload your content to Captivate

  1. After publishing to Captivate in Descript, you will be redirected to your web browser to finish uploading your content to Captivate.
  2. Sign in to your Captivate account or sign up for a new account. At that point, you'll see that the file is processing.
  3. When the file finishes processing, you can select which podcast you'd like to publish your file to and click Import from Descript.
  4. Once your podcast is uploaded, add episode notes and artwork and set a publish date and time. After completing those, click the Publish Episode button to publish your podcast.

4 screenshots of Restream showing the steps for logging in and uploading your Descript video to Restream

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