Transcription glossary

The Transcription glossary is like a word bank. You can add hard-to-transcribe words in it, which helps make their transcriptions more accurate and correct.

We recommend adding up to 30 difficult words or names to the glossary before transcribing your file.

Adding Words to Transcription Glossary

  1. Open a project.
  2. Select Descript_D_icon.png > Tools > Transcription glossary.
  3. Add the words to your transcription glossary; type each word or phrase on a separate line.
  4. Select Done.

First image with steps to access Descript file menu with Transcript Glossary option; second image with glossary text field window

Transcription glossaries are drive specific

All projects and users on the drive will share the glossary list. You will need to update the transcription glossary for each drive if you have multiple drives.

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