Media layers, scenes, and the script in the Timeline

When you make selections in the Script editor and Canvas, the selections will also be displayed in the Timeline. If you do not have anything actively selected, you will see a scene in the Timeline based on your playhead’s current position.

Script editor selections

  • A selected audio layer will display in the layer lane of the Timeline.

  • Selecting a range of script will highlight the range in the wordbar and script track below.


Canvas selections

  • A selected visual layer will be displayed in the layer lane.

  • If selected script media has visuals it will be highlighted in the wordbar and script track.

Selecting clips

If you would like to select an individual clip in a media layer or your script track:

  • For media layers, select the media layer in the Canvas or Script editor, then double-click on the clip in your Timeline.
  • For clips in your script, simply click on the clip in the Timeline’s script track.
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