Adding layers in a project

There are many ways to add layers in your project:
  • Drag and drop your media onto a scene thumbnail.
  • Drag and drop your media onto the script in the Script editor.
  • Drag and drop your media onto the Canvas.
  • Drag and drop your media onto scene lane of the Timeline
  • Select a stock media thumbnail from the Media panel to add it to the active scene
  • Select Add new layer from the Layer panel to add a project file to the active scene 

Adding layers over a range

When you add a new layer over a selected range, this will create new scene boundaries at the beginning and end of your selection, and your new layer will be added to the new scene.

There are two ways you can add a layer to a selected range:

  • Using the selection toolbar — highlight a portion of your script in the Script editor, select Add layer icon add layer, and choose the type of layer your want to add.
  • Using the range tool —  select a portion of your script track in the Timeline and add media over that range.

Adding layers to a scene with no audio or video script

When adding a new layer to a scene that contains only a gap clip in the script track (i.e. no video or audio), and the duration of this new layer is longer than the scene itself, the scene will automatically extend to match the newly added layer.

Set the start point of a new layer

If you add a video or audio project file as a new layer and need it to start at a specific time, like 30 seconds in, you can change the in-point from your Project panel so it starts at that point, rather than the beginning of the file. This only works when adding a project file as a new layer, not when adding to the script.

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