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Overdub voice styles

For now, Overdub is only available in English.

You can adjust the intonation of an Overdub voice with voice styles. Our stock voices come with multiple voice styles, and you can also create voice styles for your custom Overdub voice. 

Creating a voice style

  1. Select 1 or 2 full sentences of text from the voice recording you want to use. It can’t be Overdub-generated audio. Make sure that the total length of the corresponding audio is between 5-25 seconds.
  2. Right-click on top of the selected text.
  3. Hover over Overdub, and select Create new voice style.
  4. Choose the Overdub you wish to create a style for.


Styles work best when created using audio you recorded to train your Overdub voice. You can access this audio from the Drive View by going to Overdub > Your voice > Open training.

To assign a style, click on the associated speaker label in the Speaker label editor, and choose an existing style from the drop-down.


Check out our creating and using Overdub guide for more details on using Overdub in Descript.

Intended use of voice styles

Please note that voice styles are intended for when you are creating Overdub audio from scratch, not when editing existing audio. When editing existing audio, Descript’s AI automatically creates a custom style based on the audio surrounding the edit so it blends seamlessly with your existing audio.

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