Training session (classic voices only)

Training sessions are no longer required for creating AI voices

We're recently made big improvements to our AI speakers, including the training process. Now, training sessions are only a thing for classic AI voices created before our Release Version 75. Creating an AI Speaker is much quicker now and you can learn about all the improvements we've made here.

Overdub training sessions are special Descript projects associated with an AI Voice. They contain the training media used to create the voice and must be submitted for training and verification. You can access training sessions by selecting a row for the voice in the Voice tab of your Drive view.

Screenshot of the Drive view with red arrow and rectangle highlighting the Voice tab

They work like any other project in Descript; the only difference is that you cannot publish or export a training project. Instead, you will see the Instructions and Submit for training buttons in the top right corner of the app.

Screenshot of an Overdub training project with red arrow and rectangle highlighting the submit for training button

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