AI Speaker pronunciation tips

For now, AI Speakers are only available in English.

While AI Speakers do a great job most of the time, getting perfect pronunciation is something of an art form and may require several iterations. Common areas where you may need to make adjustments are:

  • Names with unique spellings or pronunciations
  • Pronouncing letters individually for abbreviations or initialisms
  • Accenting a different syllable of a word for the noun or verb form
  • Changing the pronunciation of homographs, words that are spelled the same but sound different

To adjust the pronunciation:

  1. Adjust the spelling of the word in the script. Try different phonetic spellings until you achieve the desired result.
  2. Convert the Speaker clips to audio from the Timeline.
  3. Highlight the section of converted Speaker audio in your script.
  4. Use the correction tool to adjust the transcript spelling without affecting the script media.
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