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Audio quality of your Overdub voice and training audio

For now, Overdub is only available in English.

There are a few factors that affect the overall quality of your Overdub voice:

  • The recording quality of the sample audio/video you include in your training session. For example, suppose you submit training audio recorded in a quiet room using an external microphone. You’ll get a higher quality Overdub voice than one created from training audio recorded in a noisy room with a built-in computer mic.
  • The amount of sample speech material you include in your training session:
10 minutes 30 to 180 minutes 4 to 6 hours > 6 hours
Minimum required to submit a voice for training.* The ideal range. Will have limited improvements compared to submitting 30-180 minutes of sample audio. Will not improve the overall quality of the resulting Overdub voice and can even cause the training to fail.

* You need to submit at least 10 minutes of actual speech; for example, if you submit a 15 minute recording, but there is only 5 minutes of actual speech in the recording, it won’t work.

You’ll also want your Overdub to blend as seamlessly as possible with the audio in your content. Try to use training audio recorded in the most similar quality you can get to the audio in the content you’ll be editing.

Keep in mind that when you add a transcribed file as sample material for your training session media:

  • Descript can handle occasional errors in your spoken audio, so feel free to continue recording even if you make the occasional mistake or mispronunciation.
  • Speak clearly and naturally as if you're talking to your audience/subject, so the resulting voice matches your normal speaking voice.
  • Descript will only analyze audio portions that match the Voice ID speaker. You do not have to edit out the additional speakers if you have multiple speakers in your training audio.
  • For pre-recorded content, we recommend that each audio file contain similar recording conditions and expressiveness for best results.
  • You will want your training media to match the recording quality of your Voice ID as closely as possible.

Overdub training script

If you need to record training audio for an Overdub training session but do not have reference material, here’s a sample script that you can use.

Main training script

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