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Setting up your recording

You can set up your recording before you start when you open the recording panel by selecting Recorder_icon.png.


Here are a few things you’ll want to check before recording:

  • Make sure to select and enable your mic and video inputs.
  • Choose to enable or disable Studio Sound and transcription during the recording.
  • If you are transcribing, set your transcription language from the recording settings.
  • Select the desired video resolution from your recording settings if you are recording a video.
  • Add speaker labels to your audio inputs.
  • Toggle on/off a countdown from your recording settings.

Multiple audio inputs

If you are recording audio only and using a recording device that supports multiple audio inputs, you can add and remove inputs from the recorder panel.


Post-Recording Transcription

If you recorded your Script media with transcription disabled, you could initiate the transcription from the Script editor or the media library.


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